Welcome to the Rejuvenome Blog

Welcome to the Rejuvenome Blog!

Here we will share updates on the progress of the project, present results, discuss some key decisions made on the experimental design, and more.

Rejuvenome has a mandate to help the aging field as a whole by producing comprehensive atlases of the effects of various aging interventions in aged, genetically diverse mice.

We intend this to be a project driven by constant input from the community, and we aim to be open and transparent about not only the progress of the project but the reasoning behind the decisions we make. This will help keep us accountable, but also make it easier for others to provide feedback.

Another aim of this blog is to help disseminate knowledge that we have gained, either via direct research or through conversations with experts, that has been useful for the design of the project, and that could be useful to have as a reference for other groups working on similar problems.

We hope you find our updates useful!

The Rejuvenome Team @ the Astera Institute