Science Opportunities

Transforming scientific information flow by tackling bottlenecks in scientific publishing

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Upgrading Scientific Dialogue

Science Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program


Astera wants to accelerate progress by tackling bottlenecks in scientific publishing. Funding EIRs to experiment with new information tools will transform what is possible for scientific dialogue. For Astera’s first Science EIR program, we are looking for creative, high-agency entrepreneurs who can innovate through the technical challenges to more open and interactive information exchange in the life sciences. We will prioritize strategies that leverage cutting-edge technologies to address limitations in scaling and user experience.

Unblocking Scientific Publishing

Request for Ideas


Astera wants to improve scientific publishing. To develop new information tools that will make scientific dialogue faster and easier, we are sourcing ideas from the community. We encourage people to describe clear technological bottlenecks limiting innovation in life sciences publishing. What is blocking the ability to build advanced tools for open sharing and discussion of scientific information? What is holding you back and what needs to come next?

We will review ideas quarterly. The opportunities are still open and the next review will begin March 25, 2024. Please understand that we cannot provide preliminary feedback. If you have specific questions that are not answered on the program pages linked above, please send an email to