Longevity Apprenticeship

The Longevity Apprenticeship seeks to shape talented individuals into active contributors who can address bottlenecks in the longevity ecosystem.

The program will instill good taste in aging science and give young researchers practical experience in planning and executing projects that address deficits within the field. Apprentices will work directly with Martin Borch Jensen, a former postdoctoral researcher at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, on real projects of immediate value.

Initial projects will include: (1) Scoping and planning a long-term project called “Measuring Causes of Age-Related Diseases (MCARD)” that aims to create a national commons of human data on causative links between the biomarkers and mechanisms of aging and specific human diseases. (2) The Relevant Animal Model Access (RAMA) program, which will synthesize current knowledge to create guidelines for which model organisms can produce results that translate to human aging in specific settings, taking into account various ageing models and different organs and areas of biology. The resulting strategic white papers should smooth the translational path for basic research in the field.