Artificial General Intelligence will be a transformative technology in human history, one that can improve all other areas of human investigation and endeavor. The Astera Institute believes that creating safe, socially aligned AGI will require diverse solutions. We promote alternative AI research to solve critical problems and find new paths forward.


The Astera Institute believes AGI can bring great good to humanity and that multiple approaches are needed to ensure its success and full alignment with society’s values. To that end, Astera strives to encourage and support AI work that falls outside of the mainstream. Our first AGI lab is the Obelisk project, a multi-system model that borrows from neurobiology and combines structured and unstructured learning in a hybrid fashion. Astera also provides a home to diverse AI research that would not otherwise have access to this awesome technology due to the prohibitive resources required. There are many potential targets and complex obstacles on the path to safe and successful AGI — Astera seeks to complement existing research by supporting alternate pathways and new models.   

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